Battle of the Bosses: Daniel Christie

Daniel Christie of Schweppes Australia will enter the Kick For Life ‘arena’ to Avicci’s “Levels” ready to race a Footbike in the Battle of the Bosses.

Even though Daniel is unsure of what a Footbike is – he’s taking the approach that it can’t be any scarier than chasing and surfing 8 foot waves in Bali… which he eats for breakfast… so we’re all sure he’ll be okay on a Footbike.

While Daniel suspects everyone else in the event will be his greatest contender… rumour has it he is focused on battling it out against Sean Masterson of ARYZTA.

Heading up to the event Daniel is balancing time between family and friends, and putting in some serious training on the golf course.

And while Daniel is described by work colleagues as funny, happy, and a ‘Good Cop’… we’re sure to see some ‘Bad Cop’ competitiveness shine through on the race. Rumour has it Daniel has been practising his ‘thank you’ speech for delivery on the podium.

So be sure to keep an eye out for this serious contender on the day – he’s the one we’re told looks like Alastair Cook!

Athlete Stats:
Name: Daniel Christie (nickname: Linford)
Corporation: Schweppes Australia
Event: Battle of the Bosses
Daniel Trivia: Most embarrassing moment on a sports field is being hit in the privates during a game of cricket.

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