Battle of the Bosses: James Ajaka

James Ajaka of Allied Pinnacle is ready for whatever the Kick For Life Battle of the Bosses is ready to throw his way. When asked what his most thrill-seeking activity ever completed was, he said it was quite possibly this upcoming competition! While he’s had no experience with footbiking, he’s hoping that he’ll at least see a bike before the day of the event!

While interviewers have attempted to garner as much information as possible about this athlete, James is keeping a low profile leading up to the competition. He’s been evasive around the subject of his previous sporting experience, and his training regime for the event has been pretty hush-hush… no doubt to thwart the race strategy plans of Sean Masterson of ARYZTA, who James claims to be his greatest contender.

Despite the reticence to divulge insider secrets from James’ camp, we do expect to see some fierce competition from this athlete. His work colleagues have described his role as a ‘bad cop’ who is passionate and driven… quite possibly a recipe for a podium finish! Despite the ‘bad cop’ image James has won many hearts in his fan-club as he admits openly and with much enthusiasm that his favourite thing outside of work is spending time with his kids.

Athlete Stats:
Name: James Ajaka
Corporation: Allied Pinnacle
Event: Battle of the Bosses
James Trivia: While James has no “embarrassing moments on a sports field” stories to share… he’s hoping that the Battle of the Bosses doesn’t become one!