When: Friday 23rd March 2018
Venue: Lidcombe Oval cycling track
Address: Church Street, Lidcombe NSW
Location: A few minutes’ walk from Lidcombe station and is located a few doors down from the Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre


Australian Footbike Team 8000 Kick Challenge

Event Time: 8am Kick off

The Australian Footbike Team will test their mental agility by each doing 8000 kicks around the 400m track… that’s a kick for each family that the Ronald McDonald Charity supports each year. That’s approx. 100 laps… let’s hope they don’t get too dizzy!


Battle of the Bosses

Event Time: 12pm Kick off

CEO’s, Managing Directors, General Managers and Licensees alike will take the start line to battle it out against each other for the fastest times. The prize? The title, quite possibly a brand-new Race Max Kickbike, and the ultimate goal – major bragging rights!

Each entrant will complete a 2 lap heat of the 400m cycling track, with the fastest times proceeding to a final kick off!


Relay Event

Event Time: 1pm-3pm

Whether you’re part of a business, family or a bunch of friends… come join in the fun – making every kick count!

Each team will have four participants, who will each complete two laps of the 400m cycling track, racing against other teams.

The winning relay team will be that team that overall achieves the fastest time to complete the 8 laps total.


“Have a Go”

Event Time: 3pm

If competing is not for you, come and join us for a leisurely kick around the cycling track and find out what all the fuss is about!

Session duration times for “Have a Go” will be dependent on the number of participants, however enjoy cruising around and capturing those kick moments with your buddies for at least 10 minutes.



Prizes will be available for the Battle of the Bosses and Team Relay events. The 1st prize will be awarded to the participant who completes the fastest individual lap of the 400m track from either the Battle of the Bosses or the Relay Event. Then the 2nd place prize will be awarded to the next fastest participant.

1st Place Prize

The 1st place prize for the day has been donated by Kickbike Australia. It is a Race Max 20 Kickbike valued at $856.

The Race Max 20 is an alloy racing footbike built for speed. It’s fast, flexible, and very light. The Race Max 20 gives you a smooth ride, and has been the bike of choice by world champion footbikers.

The bike weighs in at 7.5kg and features a 50mm alloy tubing with a triple pipe internal strengthening system. Front and rear Tecktro V-Brakes, alloy cyclocross fork, and lightweight alloy racing rims make this footbike a dream to ride and race.

Kickbike Australia imports the Kickbike brand of footbikes from overseas. The model was originally invented to keep Nordic athletes fit in summer and has gained popularity as a cross-training for kicksled training. The Kickbike brand has also gained popularity as rehabilitation tool for injured athletes. Kickbike models cover leisure activities through to racing at elite level.

Kostka Footbike in Green2nd Place Prize

The 2nd place prize has been donated by Kick Scooter Sydney. It is a KOSTKA Hill Fun in reflex green valued at $467.

The KOSTKA Hill Fun is perfect for people who are new to the sport of footbiking. It is suitable for adults and teenagers, has good stability and the frame size and style improves handling. It has been designed to cater for people who are looking for a leisurely ride – perhaps around the local neighbourhood or for that short commute to the shops to pick up that one essential item on the shopping list. This footbike can also be equipped with a stand, SKS fenders and other accessories.

Kick Scooter Sydney imports and sells Czech made KOSTKA scooters. These scooters cater for a variety of riders – from children and recreational riders, commuters (with a fold-up version) through to serious athletes and those into dog mushing. They also offer a range of products to further support footbiking activities and the sport of dog mushing.

3rd Place Prize

Nomad Essentials has kindly donated 2 bags as a third prize for the Kick for Life Event: a Large Sling Backpack and a Small Sling Backpack, valued at $298.

Sling Backpack by Nomad EssentialsThe Large Sling Backpack takes the concept of the traditional backpack, cuts the bulk, adds cross body comfort, and achieves something that standard backpacks have failed to do since their invention… it allows you to get to your belongings in an instant. You simply spin the Sling Backpack around your body to access the zips with no need to take the bag off! How clever is that? Now there’s no need to put your backpack down on not-so-desirable counters or floors. It also increases security as the backpack never need leave your side.

The canvas and inner lining are water resistant, and comfort has been increased with a padded main body strap with breathable mesh. If you need to commute on a bike there is even a cinch strap for greater stability.

It takes anything in A4 size, so your 14 Ultrabooks, large tablets and books will be right at home, along with your EDC (every day carry) items.

The Small Sling Backpack is the Large backpack’s baby brother. While a sleeker design it still has room to carry your every day items, a 2L drink bottle and even an 11 inch tablet.

Nomad Essentials have everything the modern urban nomad needs. Whether you’re:

  • a cycling commuter,
  • a millennial minimalist,
  • someone who spends half your life in airport lounges and needs that perfect carry-on bag,
  • a mum or dad hauling a plethora of baby items with you down to the park,
  • a techie looking to organise a collection of leads and gadgets,
  • an eco-conscious consumer searching for a sustainably made market bag,
  • a hipster who simply wants to look good,
  • or an outdoors enthusiast searching for the right hammock… Nomad Essentials has got the travel gear for you.

The company is Australian, ships world-wide… and their customer service is outstanding! With a commitment to producing stylish, yet durable and practical canvas bags and travel gear, Nomad Essentials has answered the growing market demand for sustainable, non-toxic, eco friendly manufacturing processes and material use.