Who can participate?

Anybody and everyone!

This is a corporate and community event open to all ages and abilities.


Are uniforms mandatory?

Uniforms are not mandatory, however we encourage you to support your business or charity of choice by wearing team colours or a team uniform. This will also make a great photo!!!


Are closed in shoes mandatory?

Yes. For safety reasons it is mandatory that all entrants wear closed in and flat shoes for participating in the events. This includes for the “Have a go” ride.


Are Spectators Welcome?

Of course spectators are welcome! The more the merrier!


Will there be any training available for those wanting to take it serious in the lead up?

Yes. The NSW Footbike Team train at Lidcombe Oval Cycling Track each month.

Go to the Australian Footbike Association Facebook page for training event dates and drop us a message to let us know you’re wanting to join in and we will ensure we have a spare footbike for you to train on.


Will Helmets and Gloves be provided?

Helmets will be available for use, however we encourage those with helmets to bring them along.

Gloves will not be provided.


Will there be food and drinks available for purchase?


All entrants will be entitled to a sausage sizzle and refreshments as part of their entry.

Spectators will be able to purchase a sausage sizzle and refreshments.


What happens if it rains?

The event will continue if it is a light shower, however will not proceed if it is heavy rain or storms for safety reasons.

In the event of cancellation due to rain, the event organisers will attempt to reschedule the event within 3 months. Donations will not be able to be refunded and instead will be carried across for the next event.


Where do the donations go to?

100% of donations raised from the event will be split between the Ronald McDonald Charity House and assisting getting our local Australian Footbike Team to Netherlands for the World Championships in July 2018.


Are Footbikes available for purchase in Australia?

Yes. There a two main distributors of Footbikes in Australia: Kickbike Australia and Kick Scooter Sydney.