Team: Rad Mums

This group of Maternity Leave Mummas have been friends for 20+ years, and they’ve decided there was no better way to spend a Friday afternoon than “kicking for a cause”. They aim to show other participants that they still have that competitive and representative sport in them.

Although the young bubs keep these Rad Mums from playing as much sport as they would like or competing at a competitive level, no doubt the hype of the event will bring our their competitive streak and natural talent! We’ve been told that carrying those bubs has developed some serious upper body strength!

3 out of 4 of the Rad Mums completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science, and two have worked within the sports industry for their entire career. May has completed a Bachelor of Organisational Learning.

Sarah and Michelle would definitely be the most competitive, but May and Simone certainly give their all in a competition setting!

Sarah played representative Touch Football in High school, and spent most winter Saturday mornings playing netball and rocking the athletics track at the school events. Michelle played rep softball, and nothing could keep her away from any sport field, track or court… indeed, Michelle played every sport she could fit into her schedule!

The dark horse on the team is May. Witnesses testify to her “assertiveness” – and let’s hope she puts that to good use on the footbike! With twins and a bub this mum is certainly one tough cookie… so be on the look out for this one!

Athlete Stats:
Name: Rad Mums
Team Captain: Sarah (also the team’s Social Coordinator)
Rad Mums Riders: Sarah, Simone, Michelle and May
Event: Team Relay
Gender: All Female