Team: CAFI Warriors

Meet the CAFI Warriors, set to take on the competition at the Kick For Life Relay Event.

CAFI Warriors Ready for Action
The team have a unique training plan in place… of no training. And their ultimate strategy for winning is the element of surprise… so beware other competitors – this team is serious! Rumour has it they are considering some squat days to prepare their legs for kicking.

Amy (Team Captain) began her recruiting process by forcing the QA team onboard (unfairly, no bribes were involved). She was quick to secure the dark horse of the team, renowned weightlifting champion, Megan. Watch out for Anna – she will excel with the footwork involved with kicking the Footbike as she was a basketball star in primary school. And with Jennifer’s thirst for blood on the track – the CAFI Warriors are a team to keep your eye on (quite literally! – side note to other competitors!)

The CAFI Warriors are all “ARYZTA born and raised” and while they have never seen or even been on a Footbike before in their lives, are planning to show the world just how it should be done.

Team Stats:
Name: CAFI Warriors
Corporation: ARYZTA
Team Captain: Amy
CAFI Warriors Riders: Amy, Megan, Anna and Jennifer
Event: Team Relay
Gender: Female Team

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  1. Tammy


    Love your energy and enthusiasm behind this cause!

    Can’t wait to cheer you all along!

    Happy training.. or not training if you so choose ?

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